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Costume Contact – Vampire I

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Product Description

Are you considering becoming the most infamous Count in the history of Transylvania? Our DRACULA lenses will help you sink your fangs into fun.

Important Information on Costume Contact Lenses – Please Read

The dispensing of Costume Contact lenses requires a prescription in United States.  Some states permit retailers to dispense lenses as long as they follow FTC guidelines.  Which means they still are required to do so but only with a valid prescription.  Connecticut, New York and surrounding areas mandate that only an optometrist can prescribe and dispense contact lenses.

Yet, with a valid prescription you can purchase costume contacts through our partners website or visit the kiosk in our store.  Simply select the link below and you will be redirected to their website.  Add to the cart and follow the instructions, be sure to have your optometrist information available.  The system will contact your optometrist to verify the prescription.  Please allow 24 hours for the verification process.

All lenses are cleared by the FDA.

Although the process is automated on the website and kiosk, we highly recommend discussing adding costume contacts to your repertoire with your optometrist first – we all only get one set of peepers…

Follow the link below to proceed to purchase; Important, Be sure to use daze10 at checkout to get your 10% off

Vampire I


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