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Classic Custom Fangs


Classic Deluxe Custom Fangs are designed for people with average to larger teeth.

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Costume Contact – Vampire I

$34.95 $31.46


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Customising Refill Kit


Customising Refill Kit

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Fog Machine Fluid – 1 Gallon


Halloween & Party Fog Fluid.

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Sabers Extra Long


Sabers Extra Long Deluxe Custom Fangs are 1 inch long from gumline to tip and are designed for an extreme look.

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Small Custom Fangs


Small Deluxe Custom Fangs are designed for people with smaller teeth, or those looking for a subtler look.

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Viper Split


Viper Split Deluxe Custom Fangs are brand new, totally unique, and very wicked! Each fang cap is split into two prongs.

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Werewolf Fangs


Werewolf Deluxe Custom Fangs come with 1 pair of Classic and 1 pair of Small Deluxe Custom Fangs.

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